Craft Day 1/365
Hubby’s just made me a prop for school where I will be teaching Beowulf along with other myths and legends. He drew out the shape on some ply after a bit of research on the shape, then cut it out. He left the decorating for me to do!
I have painted the Viking broadsword using metallic paint for the font to add a bit of shine to it in the light and outlined some of the lettering with ink. I particularly like celtic patterns or those which interlock. One day I hope to have a go at silver jewellery making. The first piece of jewellery I designed was when my first baby was born and I wanted her to have a keepsake for when she grew up. Although I designed it, I commissioned a jewellery maker from famous Glastonbury in the UK to make it.
Regarding my class, all about the age of 12/13, they were thrilled that we were going to create a wall display of our work on myths and legends. After the focus on Beowulf, we moved onto The Pied Piper and the children’s task was to then write their own epic poem. My youngest daughter is always inspired by the ideas I plan for my lessons and wanted to take part even though she’s younger and attends a different school. She drew me a picture for a slide on The Pied Piper, having already studied it at school!

Wolf Brooch #1

My daughter decided to wear the fox badge I made yesterday and her friend asked if I’d make her a wolf one, so like before, I did a quick plan of the style I wanted and came up with this. My daughter was really please; hope her friend is too.



More rose cakes … Fresh strawberry this time :)

Ok, this is not a repeat post of my baking! Tonight I attempted what Mary Berry did on the Great British Bake Off and made my own piping bag and added a stripe of colour down the inside in the hope that my cake mix would have a swirl of pink in it. I made a few lemon roses (small and large this time) and added a stripe of red. I think there would have been more definition of colour if I’d used white refined sugar rather than soft brown, but I prefer the golden glow of these.

The swirl can just been seen beginning in the centre of the bottom rose, but I won’t be able to tell unless I cut through them. As these are for a colleague’s mother’s birthday, I hope she likes them.

The second batch I made included crushed up fresh strawberries. I had plenty of mixture to divide again between the cake moulds and these turned out a golden brown with a tinge of pink (I sampled a couple of the little ones, just to make sure the were OK!). Then my twelve year old and I had a go at shaping some leaves to help bring out the colour of the sponges and the shapes of the roses.

I think my daughter enjoyed the painting experience but disappeared rapidly at the sight of the washing up!


We have quite a batch now – I wonder of the guys at work will sneak into the kitchen and ‘rob’ a few!?


Cat brooch #1

This cat brooch was from a free gift on Craftseller magazine. It’s been sitting around for a few weeks on my table, so with a craft fair stall to plan for, I thought I’d better make a start!
The kit included two pieces of felt, a piece of card, two pieces of floral fabric, some foam and the brooch pins, threads and templates. While I stitched the pieces together, starting with the ears, I wondered whether I could do a similar brooch with the features of a fox.
I’ve sketched one out ready.

I found some orange, red and white felt in my stash and kept it to the same size as the cat brooch.


Quite pleased with the results for an evening’s sewing … Let’s see how many I can make before the 15th November’s craft sale! May have to make a hare next ;)

Rusts and oranges for autumn and salt for winter

It’s been a real challenge finding oak leaves in my area, yet I love the shapes they create in printing. I’m taking part in a Gelliprint leaf postcard swap and already had several printed a few weeks ago just as the leaves were falling. Now the leaves have gone crisp and are beginning to disintegrate because of either being trampled into the earth or through the persistent downpours we’ve experienced this week in the UK.
First up, I thought I’d showcase my Gelliprinted lion (details of how I printed this can be found on my other blog http://www.theelevatorpress.wordpress.com)


Also this week, there was a discussion at work about grit containers for the roads. Every one we’ve seen have been yellow, but the people I work with don’t want a yellow container and would prefer a more contemporary grey. The main reason they’re yellow of course, is so that they’re visible!

I also belong to an Autumn Journal group led by Myfanwy Hart. Every day she has been prompting us with a word and on this occasion we had the prompt word ‘SEASON’. I considered the various options for this word such as the different seasons we go through and then decided on creating a snowflake out of rock salt from my kitchen. Salt as you know can be used for seasoning food, but also as a grit to dissolve ice on the roads. There’s a link with winter for you!

Not long after I took this photo our kitten walked all over the salt.


It’s currently autumn and here is one of my leaf prints from today. I managed to finally pick up some oak leaves, a bit damp, but usable, while out with my OH. During the week, I did take the country route home in search of some decent leaves and I saw sycamore after sycamore! It’s amazing what you notice when you are actually looking!

Then I chopped up some apples for this delicate print. The Gelli really does pick up the smallest texture and it’s exciting waiting to pull the paper back from the plate to see how the image has turned out :-)


The print above is before any embellishments and is a lot larger than the sizes needed for postcards. I will be working on the postcard prints over the next few days quite probably to the sound of another downpour!

Lemon rose sponge cakes

I got up extra early this morning to bake some cakes for work. It’s becoming a weekly habit! Next week, I have a birthday cake to make.

Today I mixed up:
300gms /6oz of softened margarine
300gms /6oz of soft brown sugar

Then added 3 eggs and beat them into the mixture.

Gradually, I folded in 300gms of self-raising flour and half a lemon zest. Then I squeezed the juice into the mix and scooped enough mixture to fill twelve individual rose shaped cases. Before baking them in the oven, I squeezed equal amounts of lemon juice on the top of each.

They were baked at 175 degrees for approximately fifteen minutes (until they sprung back when I touched the tops).

It was torture driving to work with a box full of warm lemon flavoured sponges (oh and some pain au chocolat!). The smell of lemon was sublime! I managed to take photograph of the two I left at home for my daughter to eat because she opted for the pain au chocolat for breakfast rather than taking a sponge to school.


The October Gelli Blog Hop


Free Giveaway on my other blog today! A chance to win a unique Gelliprint :-)

Originally posted on The Elevator Press:

Hi everyone! For those of you who are new to Gelli printing, I thought I’d share with you a technique that enables you to create textured prints with minimal effort and using basic equipment. Most Gelliprinters talk about printing with acrylics, but I actually love printing with watercolour and I’m going to tell you why in this blog as part of the October Gelli blog Hop, which kicked off by organiser and Gelli enthusiast, Michelle Reynolds.
Wednesday 15th Oct Michelle Reynolds http://shellsinthebush.blogspot.com.au/
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Friday 17th Oct Jacques Williamos http://theelevatorpress.wordpress.com/
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Sunday 19th Oct Phillippa Montier http://pipart71.weebly.com
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Tuesday 21st Oct Gail Schmidt http://www.shabbycottagestudio.net
Wednesday 22nd Oct Tami Sturm Howes http://www.thisandthatfromtami.blogspot.com

I belong to a Facebook group called Gelatin Printing Enthusiasts – a growing community of fantastic, creative people who just love printing with the Gelli.

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Introducing the October Gelli Print Blog Hop


For all you printing enthusiasts, arty people, and everyone in between. … Why not check out the October Gelliprinting Blog Hop, which starts today! I am convinced you will be inspired and may even decide to have a go yourselves! Some of these bloggers are holding giveaways too, so you might win something unique along the way :-)

Originally posted on The Elevator Press:

Good morning everyone! Today starts with the introduction of a blog hop for everything Gelli! See below for details on the blogs taking part and hop over and have a look at what these lovely creative people are up to with their Gelli plates. As you can see from the list, it will be my turn on Friday, so be sure to drop by and hopefully be inspired – there will be a free giveaway to enter too :-). In the meantime, enjoy Michelle’s entry today and Joanna Grant’s tomorrow … There truly is some amazing/astonishing/artastic work out there!
Wednesday 15th Oct Michelle Reynolds http://shellsinthebush.blogspot.com.au/
Thursday 16th Oct Joanna Grant http://joannabananadesignoriginals.blogspot.com
Friday 17th Oct Jacques Williamos http://theelevatorpress.wordpress.com/
Saturday 18th Oct Linda Stokes http://www.lindastokes-textileartist.com/
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Monday 20th Oct Lauri Crowe http://www.laurijeancrowe.com
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Wednesday 22nd Oct Tami Sturm Howes Www.thisandthatfromtami.blogspot.com


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Flowers – abstract

My new colours arrived today, so I opted for flower prints using some of the spray I had in the kitchen. I was slightly distracted by my kitten climbing the curtains and had to stop her while my fingers were covered in violet and Prussian blue watercolour paint.

I’m finding my evenings are cut short with fun things to do, especially now that it’s dark by 7.
My father is celebrating his birthday today so I took him his present and found some geranium leaves to print from on my way home (from their garden!).
Here is a small selection of prints I managed between fetching down my trapeze artist cat!




Gelliprinted jellyfish

A further print inspires from my visit to the aquarium yesterday. This time, I’ve used acrylics rather than watercolours.

Feeling tired from all that travelling over the weekend and a day’s work. I’ve certainly noticed a drop in temperature and now face treading through hundreds of stray sycamore leaves littering the pathways. I wouldn’t mind if they were crisp and crunchy underfoot, but today’s downpours have left just a sodden mess of broken browns, rusts and reds peppered with tyre water!