What was your favourite childhood toy? 39 squares project continues …

Today, I decided to change the icon on my profile at the PC I was working at from a flower to a Jack. I couldn’t sleep last night and was up from 2-3am reading and answering life questions. One of the questions was ‘What was your favourite childhood toy?’ This was a tricky question as it seems such a long time ago that I was a child and to pin point my exact favourite was a challenge in itself. I can remember having a doll (most little girls do) and I distinctly recall using a felt tip pen and writing my age on the doll’s forehead, but I can’t remember why. A friend of my mother had an elder daughter who came around one day and helped me scrub the digit, number 5 off the doll using Ajax. As soon as she left, satisfied that the doll’s forehead was back to its original state, I wrote it back on there! So, why didn’t I draw and stitch a doll, you might ask? Well, there were a few games that I enjoyed more than the doll … They involved playing outside in the streets with other kids – French elastics, skipping; going to the park, to name a few. But we also used to play Jacks and as this is also the nickname my father called me, I thought it would be a pretty ideal motif to put on my 39 Squares project! However, it was quite difficult to sketch and stitch accurately, so I hope you can tell what it is!
The other square doesn’t need much explanation, but it needed to be there as it’s my Gravatar on WordPress – the square bird :-)

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About squarebird

All photographs are copyright. Please ask permission before copying or using. Thank you. Hi. I am a mother of three children (although one is at university and another is about to go to university to hopefully study marine photography and natural history). My youngest daughter is surrounded by craft and art materials at home, so I guess that's why she equally enjoys making things. As well as looking after my children, I am a secondary school teacher and this is my first blog. I decided to set myself a challenge of producing a craft a day for 2014. I often join a local community thrice yearly handicraft day either as a tutor or as a participator. Handicraft sessions on these days where I have tutored include crochet workshops, wirework, papercraft, origami, batik to name a few. The next one is in February 2014 where I will be showing people how to make relief gift boxes. Apart from crafting, I am passionate about teaching; fundraising; exploring and spending time with my family. My children would like to extend the amount of pets we own, as long as they include more guinea pigs!
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5 Responses to What was your favourite childhood toy? 39 squares project continues …

  1. segmation says:

    I vote for paint by numbers! Thanks for sharing this blog!

  2. a great story of your Dad nicknaming you jacks, perfect for the square. I was a Hama beads, skipping, anything involving glitter and glue kind of child :-)

  3. *Wisher* says:

    wow.. you look like you are about to finish.. heehee.. I’m sooooo far away.. thank you for inspiration.

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