Shrinkie Dinkie Guinea Pig Keyring

Shrinkie Dinkie Guinea Pig Keyring

Craft 8/365
Guinea pigs, I have to say bring enormous pleasure in our household. My children adore their squeaks, purrs and rumbles as they leap into new hay first thing in the morning and last thing at night. This keyring made from shrink plastic started out A6 size until I fought with it using a heat gun and watched it wriggle, squirm and fold before lying flat in its new state – just over 1.5 inches across.
I love doodling with Sharpie pens and with shrink plastic, there is a requirement to use permanent pens. So, I had a go. I first outlined the guinea pig affectionately known as Tweedy in pencil and then began colouring the drawing in with three different pens.


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