Layered notebook

Craft 19/365 notebook with layered cover

Continuing my project on handmade books so that I have a range of examples to show students when leading book making workshops, I opted for a folding notebook with a ribbon hinge.

The cover took a lot longer than I initially thought, with each individual square being folded twice then positioned so that it has the appearance of weaving. I then coated it in Decopatch glue-varnish for that glossy finish.

I have previously made smaller notebooks as gifts and used recycled materials – in one example, there were some off cuts of suede which provided a soft-to-the-touch finish. However, I think I prefer this one I’ve just made (A5 in size) for its colourful look and slightly weighty feel.







4 thoughts on “Layered notebook

    1. Thank you! I had fun making this notebook and cover. It goes to show that just with adding folded papers to a project you can get lovely patterns. I’m planning a hexagon shaped one for my weekend craft … Hope you stop by and have a look when I post it up on my blog. Also, coming soon is a free give-away competition. Watch this space!

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