Crop Circle Craft on Astro Turf!

DSC03533 DSC03529 DSC03530 Crop Circle with Teddy

Craft 29/365
Crop Circle created on ‘Wimbledon’ Astro Turf sample.

An enormously enjoyable way to experience making a crop circle on a small scale and great for children to explore the swirls in the textured surface!
I taught in a special needs school last year and made the children various shaped objects covered in different textures such as velvet squares, Astro Turf triangles, glittered circles and furry hexagons in order to help them recognise and draw shapes. The idea was teaching them mathematics while having fun and the triangles were uniform in size so that they could connect further triangles to create other shapes for example, two triangles together to make a kite shape/diamond or six triangles planted next to each other to make a hexagon and so on. I used cotton reels at the centre of each shape for the little children to hold on to while drawing around the triangles.

I wonder what they would think of my crop circle and teddy bear explorer?


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