Duct Tape Wallet

Thought I’d get ahead – this is the craft for tomorrow – Wednesday – as we are heading off to visit a university with our son for an interview and as the journey is a good five hour drive, don’t know if we’ll be back in time for any crafting!

So, Duct tape wallets … With a twist!

I found some remnants of tape (grey is easy to get hold of in the UK for minimal cost, although I do like the range of funky patterns you can now buy online).

Cut 8 strips of 200 mm lengths and place each section onto the sticky side of another length, allowing for a slight overlap to join them together.

Use shorter lengths of 100mm for the card pockets and fold the wallet in half. By using thin strips of tape on either edge, I was able to seal the wallet and this creates the larger pocket for notes.

The stripes were created using a printed paper napkin – there are many designs available in stores! Applying a layer of PVA seals and strengthens the paper napkin pieces. Considering my son often puts his wallet down and can’t remember where he’s put it (he’ll have the incentive to remember when he actually has money to put in it!), this is a great, temporary solution – and it’s waterproof!




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