Returning somewhere south 13/02/14


Thought bloggers might be interested to hear that we did get home safely in the end after our unexpected tour up north. We’d been diverted off the motorway due to hurricane force winds, hail and sleetImage

Amazingly enough, we did manage to get somewhere to stay over night. An inn rang around for us after it had just booked the last room available for the person in front of us in the queue. We were told everything was booked up to a fifteen mile radius; I imagined our evening spent stranded in the car. But there is such a thing as human kindness. Thanks to many phone calls made by the staff in the inn, there was one room five minutes drive away that had been withdrawn due to a broken shower (although there was a bath). Heading for the direction of the next inn, a man in a fluorescent yellow jacket flagged us down to a crawling pace. We saw the problem: a tree fallen across the road. It had already been a long day fraught with problems, including our car playing up and losing power. Were we ever going to pitch somewhere for the night?

The room was offered at a discount due to the shower. It was only when buying toothbrushes from the convenience store next door that we realised the extent of the storm damage across the UK. A female shop owner had the news playing on a flat screen by the entrance. We snuggled in for the night as the wind howled around us.
We heard that two more storms were heading for the UK after watching the late news. This seemed unbelievable, especiallyFebruary storm UK


DSC03585 when we woke to blue skies and sunshine. Yes, blue skies!

But of course, 200 miles later, the sky was darkened and the rain returned. More news arrived when we got home: the roof was leaking in the main bedroom; my daughter’s school had had a powercut, and we had to fix the heating! As the saying goes: it never rains but it pours!



3 thoughts on “Returning somewhere south 13/02/14

  1. Again I was rather reluctant to “like” this post but I do like that you’re all home safe. I’ve seen some photos of the flooding over there and it’s unbelievable! I hope you guys are still safe and dry

    1. Apparently we had the last storm on
      Friday and the sun is shining today, which is a pleasant surprise. The flooding is worse an hour drive from where we live and it’s so sad to see sodden animals (as we did on our way home) still trying to eat the grass.

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