Wall of Friendship Autograph Book Coming Soon!

Reflection on my first job

A long time ago, I left school, then returned to complete my teacher training and finally become a teacher.
As children move from primary school to secondary and secondary to work or university or college, many feel uncertain of their future or entering the unknown or unfamiliar. Friendships change and evolve. People grow up.

This Wall of Friendship Autograph Book is inspired by the time I had to leave school at the age of 16 for college with a new mindset, ambition and hope of fulfilling my dreams. Of course, there were challenges ahead, as there always are and often I found myself walking down undiscovered pathways including entering a male dominated industry at the age of 18 where I was teased about my strength and where men were under pressure to avoid swearing in the presence of a young girl. However, I pulled it off and earned the name ‘Queen of the Tyvek’ as I confidently worked a 1250 multi-lithographic printing press to churn out Tyvek printed manuals to be read underwater.

My book, I will be posting later today, isn’t printed on Tyvek, but does have a weaved cover inspired by the cotton which was notoriously difficult to work with and tear.




3 thoughts on “Wall of Friendship Autograph Book Coming Soon!

    1. This was fiddly to make (great if you don’t mind getting covered in PVA glue), but I was pleased with the outcome of this experiment :). Thanks for dropping by and commenting – much appreciated!

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