54/365 notebook/photo album


Photograph or scrapbook album with ring donuts (doughnuts).

i found some cool wrapping paper to make this black leafed album for storing 5″ x 7″ photographs.  I made a similar one with comic strip wrapping paper for students to sign when I left my job to train to become a teacher.

This is one of the easiest notebooks to make as you only need two pieces of mounting board and three or four pieces of black paper. The mounting board was covered with the wrapping paper.  Strips of ribbon were glued and spaced evenly across the front and back covers before I attached one piece of black to the front and one piece to the back, linking the pages through folding like a fan. 


3 thoughts on “54/365 notebook/photo album

  1. Oh how i envy your skills – you must save a fortune on birthday and Christmas presents (though spend a lot of time I’m sure) I personally prefer painting because I can make mistakes and pretend they’re meant to be there 😉

    1. Sometimes it’s hard to part with things I’ve made. Sometimes I make notebooks and then don’t want to write in them in my scruffy handwriting! The book sculpture was in fact quite liberating.

      1. I bet it was. I had piles and piles of books that I didn’t want to let go of … But I would never have read them again. Seems your sculptures offer the best of both worlds 🙂

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