Book Sculpture

And here’s the finished sculpture! I’m tempted to keep fiddling with it, but decided that I’ll leave that for another book πŸ˜‰ImageImageImage





12 thoughts on “Book Sculpture

      1. Hope you feel better soon; I’ve been a migraine sufferer for years and so understand how debilitating it can be to get one and even more so when you have family to care for. Take care x

      2. Yes it’s not been fun. Hormones and the need for glasses used to be the cause of mine, now I think it’s the weather and the the aftermath of the move kicking in. I have a few good mouth ulcers to go with it (which no one over here understands what I mean lol) so I must be more run-down than I’ve realised x

      3. Aww horrible mouth ulcers :(. I hope things settle down for you soon x I only discovered the cause of my migraines 18months ago – I can’t process the colour white without it causing pain and discomfort. I now have specially tinted glasses (which had to be tinted in California) and these glasses have reduced my migraines to virtually nil. I can also play sport now – I couldn’t track the white shuttlecock before or ended up landed flat on the floor because of the distortion from the bright lights! I just thought I was clumsy lol!

      4. Ha ha yes I think I remember a post of yours about your tinted glasses. I’ve found here that the sun is going to be a problem. I need to either get some contacts so I can wear shades or some prescription sunglasses because one without the other sets off my headache (not that I’m complaining about having sun πŸ˜‰ )

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