Dandelions 26/02/2014




Dandelion Clocks

don’t tell 

the time.

Their seeds tick

in the wind 

waiting for a gust

to take them 

to pastures new.



4 thoughts on “Dandelions 26/02/2014

  1. Beautiful poem.

    Have just returned home after a long day out to find an unexpected delivery! Thank you. Will do so more formerly on FB but that may not be until tomorrow by the time I work through my mail. If you want to blog about it now that’s fine. I’ll be doing so too – but again, probably not today. Thanks so much, it’s gorgeous, and the words are beautiful. 🙂

    1. I’m so pleased it arrived safely and I’m glad you liked it. I will blog about it probably over the weekend as I’m finding so many different crafts to do, such as my dandelions that you will be able to see on the Be Creative Facebook page. It’s what I am going to do with the images that might surprise you :). Have a lovely, restful evening 🙂

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