The Humble Envelope – Project 3


28/02/2014. Teabag folded shaker card

Many envelopes that come through the mail box tend to be either junk mail or business mail.  For this project I used an address window from an envelope with a green inner.

First I cut out the window and backing to the size I wanted.  This was going to be my ‘shaker’.  I left the folded edge intact or hinged.  I glued three sides of the hinged window onto a green card, leaving the top edge open put my shaker objects inside.

The remaining part of the envelope was then cut into 2 cm squares.  Teabag folding is rather like miniature origami and great for using up scraps of paper or recycling bits of magazines, newspapers or card.

One square was folded in half, opened out and then repeated in the other direction before being opened out again.  I then folded the square diagonally both ways from corner to corner.  Returning it to a triangular shape and pushing the corners inwards, I formed a central kite shape.  Linking seven of these folded squares together creates a rosette.

For the shaker objects, I wanted something a bit ‘weightier’ than paper, so cut a series of flowers out of pink fabric, glued them to left over envelope and gave each flower a felted middle.  You could use beads or punched shapes, even dry rice.  I opted for small beads so that the card makes a lovely sound when shaken.


Here is an alternative rosette made from 6 squares.



5 thoughts on “The Humble Envelope – Project 3

    1. It is! Particularly as we receive so many different envelopes. There are less appearing now due to email, but t’s worth looking at the post around birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas or other special occasions.

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