Duct Tape Book Cover




Craft 65/365. Crafting Together a Duck Tape Book Cover

Can you believe it?  I was strolling back to my car minding my own business when out of the corner of my eye, something ‘winked’ at me from a shop window.  No, it wasn’t my reflection looking back at me as I was wiping some dust out of my eye.  If Duct or Duck Tape or even Gaffer Tape could talk and move, it would surely have shouted out ‘pick me, pick me!’ and jump up and down, ping pong from the window pane to the floor and roll right at me.

It wasn’t the boring grey duct tape that my husband stores in his tool box; this was a stack of Duck branded duct tape of orange, blue, black, white, striped, zebra print … and … PENGUIN!!!


My little girl had already mentioned she wanted a bag made (didn’t realise the connection until this morning why – will explain later).  I cut strips of 14 inch lengths in turquoise blue tape x 8 and then repeated this with PENGUIN tape 🙂

The blue tape was then backed onto the penguin tape with a slight overlap to help each strip join together.  Once all 8 blue strips were backed onto the 8 penguin strips I had a Duck tape mat the correct size to cover a paperback best seller.  The mat was long enough to allow each side to be folded over and stuck down to act as a ‘pocket’ for the book to slide into and also be easily removed so that when the book is read, you can put the cover onto another book.  I chose to keep the penguin pattern inside my cover and the plain blue on the outside.  This was because I wanted to add decoration to the front.image

My daughter cut strips for her book cover – to carry her Minecraft manual so it doesn’t get wet.  We’ve had a few incidences where her waterbottle has leaked in her bag 😦 She wanted to do the reverse of my pattern (have the penguins on the front) and we had to cut slightly longer lengths as book was a bit bigger than my paperback.   I have to say I was impressed with my twelve-year-old’s patience as she then proceeded to cut out individual letters for the front of her cover to spell out the word Minecraft…my mat has a permanent reminder of this as it now has Minecraft scored into it. Thanks sweetheart!
 I’m guessing this is a very special cover that she doesn’t intend on using for anything other than Minecraft, and she built it herself!



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