Poled wall hanging, pencil sketches, tea and cake

Lately, I’ve been drawing and sketching in and out of cafes while also working on a separate publishing contract. It helps with the thought processes as the drawing has nothing to do with the publishing deal!

First of all, I checked out the array of cakes, patisseries and other yummy morsels, opted for a slice of carrot cake, then selected my drink. I chose a medio Cappuccino as I thought that would be plenty for the time I planned to stay in the cafe – my new work station (Husband has taken up the largest table in the house for stitching leather).

Two hours and a couple of doodles later, I ordered a pot of tea ( being typically British and not at home, the brew came in a teapot rather than me dunking a teabag a few times into a mug). I noticed bubbles forming on the surface in the shape of a heart with a shadow underneath the brown liquid. I placed the cup of my tea on the table, grabbed my notepad and doodled the cup, albeit on lined paper and no coloured pencils to hand.


I refilled my cup with now cold tea 😦 and returned to the publishing work, which progressed well. Meanwhile I had a commission to do – a wall hanging weighted by two poles. I’d already stitched the tunnels for the poles to go through at the top and bottom of some canvas and needed some inspiration … cakes!

Hands are, I think notoriously tricky to draw and my commission piece needed not one, but two hands. I sketched a hand while in the cafe, for inspiration.

There is also the dilemma of whether to add colour or not, particularly when working with fabric and you’ve already spent time stitching and hemming. I think I’ve added just the right amount of colour.
The phrase I used to accompany my drawing appropriately fits: ‘A Balanced Diet is a Cake in Each Hand’



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