Craft 70/365 a fishy tale!

What can you do with a toothbrush apart from clean your teeth?  I’ve already had a great suggestion from another blogger, Sandra Barth – thanks 🙂
I do have two spare ‘value’ toothbrushes, so could use the remaining one for what you have described (hehe).

First I removed the bristles and sanded the stubs down to a nice smooth edge.

Then, using a heat gun and my pyrography stand to hold the toothbrush, I gently heated up the handle until it became more flexible. I bent the handle into a position that I liked, giving it a slight curve until it was the right shape to fit snugly around my wrist.


The handle had to be held in place for several seconds before moving onto another section so that the handle began to form into a bangle.


After a little more sanding, I chose some brown thread used for beads (so thicker than sewing thread) and wrapped this using a series of knots and ties around the newly formed bangle. Fish were added intermittently for decoration.

My daughter tried the finished bangle on and seemed pleased with what I had done to a simple toothbrush.


3 thoughts on “Craft 70/365 a fishy tale!

    1. Thanks. I’ve done toothbrush spray painting before where you flick paint or ink over a stencil and wanted to try something different. Wasn’t entirely sure it was going to work. By the end of this year, I should know which crafts I like; which crafts I found the most challenging and which ones I would not do again! Thanks for your comments as always x

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