Sun sensitive paper

Craft 15/3/14 sun sensitive photographic paper panda

Would you believe how difficult it is to get hold of this sun sensitive ‘photographic’ paper?  I tried several shops on the high street and the nearest city to where we live.  My son, who is studying photography/media and is about to head off to university to do special effects for film is continuing to build his portfolio; I thought he might like to experiment with this paper.  The packet of ten sheets sat beside the sofa for several weeks until the curiosity began to burn…I had to have a go!




A few days ago, I posted a drawing of a panda as a prep for a future project.  I have an exhibition going up next week of some of my art work and was considering whether to add this to the other pictures I’m showing.  I’ll see what they look like when they’re dry and decide if I want to transform them further (and of course add a frame or two).




The idea is to expose flat objects placed on the dark blue side of the paper for two minutes out in the sun.  The dark blue paper that you can see begins to turn pale blue. image Once this happens, protect the exposed paper from any more sun and run under cold water for about a minute.  The image will look as though it is going to disappear and then the image strengthens.

Now my son has seen the results, he finally wants to have a go himself!


The pictures are then left to dry on a flat surface.


4 thoughts on “Sun sensitive paper

    1. Yes – if you can keep in one position. A hand placed in the paper would work or laying pieces of lace on top. You can have so much fun with this product 🙂 I’ve heard you can buy sun print cotton for stitching!

      1. It is fun! I would have preferred the papers to be slightly larger so my stencil fit properly, but perhaps they are designed to fit in an album.

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