And now for something a little bit different! Chicken Run Win and Swap!

Chicken Run Win and Swap! March 2014


As many of you know, I started my first blog experience in January 2014.  I am already finding it a rich and rewarding activity which I look forward to on a daily basis.  Can you believe I’ve already tried, tested, experimented and designed over 70 crafts, sometimes exceeding the one a day plan!!!

So, I am going to introduce you all to something a little bit different today.  Recently, I was over-the-moon thrilled to have my name ‘pulled out of the hat’ (a random generator) after entering a contest and couldn’t quite believe I’d won a prize!  The contest started out like this:

Avis, from began making fantastic chickens out of colourful fabrics.  Carla, from was the first person to win a chicken. The cute blue one had a new home and a name!

One of my family’s favourite animated films is ‘Chicken Run’ (and we even named our guinea pig ‘Tweedy’ – remember Mr Tweedy?). We live in a semi-rural part of the UK countryside in an area that has the potential of housing a chicken coop in the garden.  My enjoyment of seeing free-range birds clucking about and relishing in their freedom extended to visiting a supermarket just over ten miles from where I live.

These birds cluck and peck freely around the supermarket car park; the shoppers are so familiar with their presence that they drive exceptionally slowly around the areas the hens are found.  They are vigilant and enjoy the sight.


A while back, you may remember I blogged about a stitched chicken cover for a notebook.  I also have a kindle case with a quilted chicken on the front that I made using some fun fabric I found in the local store.  More recently, you may recall my post where I was sharing the craft of pyrography?  I pyrographed a rooster onto a coaster.  So, what was I going to do when I came across a contest which meant I could possibly win a chicken?

Granny Maud’s Girl posted three adorably cute chickens she’d made as part of Avis’s chicken run contest. Granny Maud’s Girl won the blue chicken and it flew from Avis’s home all the way to Australia! The idea of the chicken run is that people winning a chicken agree to make one and post it on their blog in order to continue the run.

Ruby Roo, my winning chicken arrived in the UK in a snug box all the way from Australia.
Granny Maud’s Girl – also shared with me the instructions on how to make a chicken (and she has a lovely tutorial on her blog). I have to say, I did get a wee bit carried away and they are all different. My first one I made actually had little chickens on it. image
I tested out different fabrics and colours, patterns and styles. image I fiddled with the tail feathers to put my own ‘stamp’ on one of the chickens (actually, it was a learning process as patchwork was new to me!).
imageI rose to the challenge and now, without further ado, I am about to announce the next leg of the chicken run. Who’s going to join with me and celebrate this fun idea that Avis started out? Even if you don’t consider yourself a stitcher, imagine how amazing you will feel to a) own your own chicken pin cushion and b) make one yourself! c) Mother’s Day is fast approaching and so is Easter! (need ideas for a present?).

OK, OK, you need to know how to enter! Of course! To win one of these two chickens: image
There are just a few simple rules to follow.

1. Comment on this blog which chicken you would like to win
2. Tell me what you would call the chicken if you win it (for a bit of fun!)
3. Tell me where your chicken will be flying to (Avis has put up a chicken run gallery on her blog; she’s hoping to display all the different chickens that people make and is excited about where the next chicken will go)

I will put entries into a hat and will randomly select the winner.

Condition of entry:
Agree that should you win, within four weeks of receiving your chosen chicken, you will continue this chicken run by making a chicken (Carla on Granny Maud’s Girl has a great template that is straightforward and I will send instructions with your winning chicken). Announce the next leg of the chicken run on your blog with a picture of your chicken and link in Avis’s blog so she can also advertise the giveaway/swap.

Entries are open from today, Monday 17th March until Friday 21st March (midnight) and I will make allowances for any time zone differences. I will draw the winner on Sunday evening 23rd March.

Good luck!


20 thoughts on “And now for something a little bit different! Chicken Run Win and Swap!

  1. Hello! I would love the plaid one, I would call it Penny, and it would be coming home to roost in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Thanks for the chance to win!

    mindingmomma at aol dot com

  2. Hi!!! This has been fun!!!! I love both of your little cuties!!! I would love to have the flowered one and I would call her Posy!!!!! She would come to La Grange KY!!!!

  3. Nice to see the competition is hotting up 🙂 Your cutie chickens are now included in my post too (but I couldn’t get the photos any larger. They’ll go in the gallery when I know where your winning chicken is migrating to. Fun, fun, fun! Avis x

  4. They are so cute! I like both but my eye is really attracted to the tartan guy. I would call him “Winston the Second (I already have a real pet bird named Winston hence the “second” but I agree with a previous blogger he seems important, distinguished thus I go with that name).” He would fly to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Thanks!

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