Sock Cat Tutorial 22/3/14

Further to an earlier posting today, here is my sock cat tutorial for you all to enjoy – I’d love to see pictures of people’s own versions of this, particularly as I LOVE socks and the funkier the better 🙂 If you would like to share your pictures with me after having a go at this tutorial, it would be fantastic to add them to this blog and share with others how creative everyone is.  Let’s get crafting people!!!

You will need one sock to make this sock cat

sewing thread


piece of ribbon 

button for nose

stuffing (I used washable polyester fibre filling)


step 1 – find the heel of the sock and stuff until you have a small ball shape.


Step 2 – fold the toe part of the sock away from you and do a running stitch around the top edge of the stuffed ‘ball’ you have just moulded, stitching up towards the centre and then back down again: this is to form the ears.



Step 3 – turn the sock over and cut from the toe up towards the running stitch.


Step 4 – stuff each flap of the foot (see image) to form the front paws and legs




Step 5 – turn over and add a bow to hold the stuffed head in shape.  Stitch along both arms at the back so that you stitch either side of the ribbon around the neck and to keep the arms in place either side of the body.




Step 6 – stuff the body so it’s nice and rounded and then do a running stitch midway down the ankle part of the sock.






Step 7 – divide the ankle part of the sock into three with the outer ones being wider if you want wider back legs than the tail!  I’ve divided mine equally!

Step 8 – stitch up each side of the legs and stuff with filling material (you could use dry rice if you want a beanbag cat). Then stitch and stuff the tail (or central section)



Step 9 – Using the ribbed part of the very top of the sock that fits around your ankle, I stitched these forward on each leg to form a paw.



Step 10 – decorate your cat’s facial features.  I used a button for the nose and used thread from the centre of the nose downwards for the mouth.  Then added whiskers using black sewing thread (you could use wool or thicker yarn).  It just so happened that the pattern on my sock appeared to look like the cat’s eyes.  I outlined these in pen.  If your sock is differently patterned – which is highly likely! – add some buttons for eyes or googley eyes or even draw them on.  There is creativity in everyone and so, let your imagination run riot 🙂

And here is the completed sock cat:


Have fun 😀




8 thoughts on “Sock Cat Tutorial 22/3/14

    1. I went and had a look at your cat – thanks for sharing :). The expression on your sock toy is a very proud one as in the saying, ‘the cat who got the cream’! I much prefer the expression of these cats when their eyes are closed (a bit like when a real cat is purring contentedly!). Please do let me know if you have a go at making one using my tutorial.

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