Roll Up, Roll Up! Chicken Run Winner!!!

I enlisted my son’s help in selecting the winner in my recent contest: to win a chicken pincushion. See my earlier post with this link:

Those entering had to

a) choose from these two chickens which one they would like to win 

b) give the chicken a name

c) state where in the world the chicken would be ‘flying’ off to

d) agree to make a chicken within four weeks of receiving their winning chicken as a continuation of the chicken run so that Avis who advertised this little win/swap on her blog

Avis has a chicken run gallery on her blog:  

She would like to catalogue the progress of the chicken run around the world and add pictures of the many different chickens to her chicken gallery. The gallery includes Ruby Roo, the chicken that Carla made
She has a great tutorial and template on her blog

Carla won a blue chicken and of course, we now have a new chicken to add to the showcase gallery:)

The closing date for entries was Friday 21st March and the draw took place today, Sunday 23rd March.  I placed all the entries into a black hat (the Sherlock one went walkabout!!). For some reason, my husband wanted a lot of dressing up hats including a Viking one complete with horns.  I think it had something to do with World Book Day and he dressed up as a Viking at school; my daughter opted for Red Riding Hood and my son, who believes that he will never have another opportunity to dress up again once he leaves for university, chose to go as a character from Hot Fuzz!

How many of you skimmed through that top bit to find out who the winner is?  Hmmm?  Go on, own up!

Actually, I will get on with the reveal.  This little birdie has a new name …image







and she’s off to …. south Germany!  image
Congratulations to the contest winner from textiledreamer. Please don’t despair, all those who entered and didn’t win this time; there will be another chicken run soon 😀
She wrote this on her entry:

‘I also love the plaid one! She’d be called Sunnygirl and come to live in the south of Germany if I win.’

Please email me with your contact details so that I can send you your prize, ‘Sunnygirl’.image

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