Tea, Coffee, Ink and a Toothbrush

Craft 25/3/14

What can you do with a spent teabag, some black coffee, ink, and an elephant that I drew?

When I was younger, my grandmother introduced me to special Chinese ink block which was semi-circular on one end and the length of half a pencil and flat on the bottom. It had Chinese lettering down the centre and I was fascinated by it.  I’ve never seen one since!  What we did with it was dampen it with water and then run a toothbrush along it.  The black ink would spray across the paper to produce lots of little dots.  Now, as you know from my earlier posts, I like drawing in dots … stippling … and recently shared a motorbike on this blog.  Well, this gave a similar, but a lot less controlled effect.  The following picture was one I did many years ago of a seal.



Thinking this through after a blogger commenting on my toothbrush teaser that I should try using a toothbrush with inks, I decided to try fruit tea – a raspberry, loganberry and strawberry one to be precise – with black coffee.  It was, I hasten to add, an experiment.  On applying the fruit tea to a carefully drawn out template turned from a gorgeous deep pink to a greyish lavender once it was dry. The coffee, on reflection, just wasn’t dark enough when applied through flicking compared with painting it onto the surface. Never mind, it was more of an elephant type colour! image




Later, I decided I preferred the two layered stencil that was splattered with tea and coffee than the card I was aiming for.  So I painted the template below the main outline of the elephant using the tea to get this result. The elephant looks like it’s walking in the rain, but I hope you like it!




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