Mermaid Zentangle

In response to Fallfromgrace’s request, I’ve drawn a mermaid.  You can check out her blog here She’s just made a cool Mother’s Day card 🙂
I don’t as a rule of thumb tend to draw fantasy type pictures so it was a bit of a challenge!  I am fascinated by the Zentangle idea, having explored some similar technique as a child.  My brother and I would draw random shapes and fill them with patterns, then along came the mosaic colouring books that we usually take on holiday and we all join in.  

So, Fallfromgrace you are welcome to print out my mermaid Zentangle design that I’ve drawn today, if you would like to colour it in!  

My daughter coloured in the design and here it is. imageimage
I wonder what it would look like in metallic colours?




4 thoughts on “Mermaid Zentangle

  1. oh my gosh, that mermaid is beautiful! so much more amazing than I thought, I love how beautifully innocent her little face is with such a stunning pattern. I need to think of extrta complimentary words purely for this little fishlady! 🙂

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