Haiku after a weekend of crafting

I’ve been part of the March Be Creative weekend led by Nuvofelt: http://createaday2014.wordpress.com/2014/03/30/be-creative-march-prompt-20/ and crafting among some lovely arty and supportive people.  The weeked culminates in a postcard swap, but this time there was the opportunity to extend the swapping further.  Will blog about this later in the week.  Meanwhile, prompt 20 was to write a haiku about the weekend.  Here is my effort followed by an image taken from another prompt: drawing around the hand seversl times, then adding colour and pattern.



Haiku for Be Creative Weekend March 2014


Enriching March skills

Handpicked prompts sway choice; motives

shift.  Work accomplished.



I was also delighted when I opened my Mother’s Day gift from my children, who now and again look over to see what I’m writing or drawing.  Occasionally, they join in 🙂


Sometime this week I’ll share a Haiku I’ve written by using the Haikubes and take a photograph of it 🙂





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