Haiku family evening – few Haikus for Friday!

Family haiku evening


My children bought me a set of Haikubes for Mother’s Day


So it was suggested (by my daughter)that every Friday evening for an hour we’d have a creative writing evening. She insisted my son be banned from using his iPad or any computer gadgets other than to show the video prompt, photograph or clue for the poetry. He complained … just a bit. Instead, he had to write his ideas down using traditional pen and a mini notebook we all made together.

We started with a photograph prompt from the ‘Lost City of Atlantis’ and then used some other prompts

Here are my Haikus from the evening.


Sound last to go; he listens…

Loan sharks lose their wits.

Who me? Embrace. Turn

her underwater for hours

Time alternates there.

Freeze. Eyes wide with fright

Shield gaping mouths one morning –

Pro-drivers must learn.

The Bear and Hare John Lewis Christmas Advert 2013

Breeds, creeds, mix as one.

Join bear and hare for party:

rendezvous on time.


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