Journal writing plus still time to enter … closes midnight 23rd April all time zones :)

While I remind you all about entering my very exciting free giveaway contest to win one of my one-off notebooks (see below for details),I thought I’d share with you something magical that I found yesterday. Not everyone keeps a diary, but I made it my mission to jot things down as my children were (and still are) growing up; I recorded the funny innocent comments and reactions they made to life incidences; words they coined that have now become part of our own vocabulary and days out together as a family.


The diary had entries from 2006/7 and as I skimmed through some of the jottings I began to laugh so heartily that tears rolled down my cheeks – memories that I still treasure (including embarrassing moments such as sending text messages to the wrong person!). Who else is willing to admit that they’ve done that? Oh, and trying ‘spinning’ for the first time at the gym.

One entry involved my cousin commenting how she wished she had a daughter who would bring her flowers, as my little girl kept handing her daisies. ‘All I get is rocks! My boys bring me rocks!’
I gave a sidelong glance at my uncle then replied, ‘Well, we all know where they get that from.’
My uncle looked up, eyes sparkling, and said excitedly, ‘Rocks? I can tell you where there are lots of rocks!’ Now, this is a man who collected rocks during his studies to become a geologist and stashed them under his bed, only for my grandfather to find one day and think they were of no significance. My grandfather smashed up the entire collection.
My uncle returned home and perplexed asked, ‘Dad, have you seen my rocks?’ The reply was unexpected and shocked him.
‘Oh, they’re buried in the patio. Thought they were rubbish. Just rocks. Great for mixing with concrete and cement.’

Anyway, what delighted me was that walk, taken in April 2007 enlightened me and delighted me at the same time. My little girl’s collection of flowers didn’t just get handed to my cousin, but I’d pressed some inside the blank pages of my journal 🙂


I’d love to hear your stories of funny things your children did or do; funny things they say, or if you’ve found something recently that you thought you’d lost.

In March, I took part in creating an ATC (Artist Trading Card) and we were asked to make two so that we could ‘lose’ one somewhere for a member of the public to find. We wrote instructions on the backs of the cards and recently, one of the ones made by the group has been found! You can read about it all here:

If this prompts you, please comment below with a link to your blog (if you blog about it) and add a pingback. Let’s share some great stories this Easter and bring a smile to people’s faces 🙂

Now to the giveaway … A reminder!

The winner will not only receive my foxy spiral notebook (a one-off) but the instructions on how to make one … and a mystery gift not yet shared on my blog!  Go on enter, you know  you want to!  Thanks to those who have already entered.

Conditions of entry:

1. comment on my blog (link above)

2. agree to make one after receiving prize and link back to this blog (instructions will accompany prize)

3. enter by midnight 23rd April (all time zones) – Shakespeare’s birthday (let’s share our creativity!)

I will draw names from a hat at random on Friday 25th April

NB> Oh, and if you’ve already won one of my free giveaways, you can still enter this competition as it’s completely random selection.



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