Easter Sunday lavender haiku

Happy Easter 😀

Many scents, smells and aromas bring back memories or remind us of special events or loved ones.  They have the ability to transport us back to a different time, perhaps when we were very little.  Is there an aroma that you particularly love? Is there a perfume that lingers even when someone has left the room?  Are you a person who loves to try out all the sprays and cologne in a department store or likes to breathe in the succulent smells of aromatic candles?  My youngest daughter managed to find a candle not just named after her, but also her sister (who has an unusual name).  As her 21st birthday is fast approaching, my little one persuaded me to buy the candle for her elder sister’s birthday.

On another occasion, we visited the lavender fields and tasted lavender scones for the first time.


Haiku for Sunday

Wade in a blue sea;

Evoke bygone days. Please

the senses. Stay calm.


12 thoughts on “Easter Sunday lavender haiku

      1. unfortunately I didnt get to try them, Im a type one diabetic so my Dad is trying to make a lavender topping alternative for me using sweetener instead of sugar. My mister said they were delicious though! 🙂

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