Creative Gatherings for the Guinea pigs

I’ve been intrigued this week by the beautiful flowers blooming across the city and the amount of dandelions that have suddenly appeared.  My guinea pigs do like their dandelions.  I have an iPad case which has the image of dandelions on it with the phrase: ‘To the world you may be one person, But to one person you may be the world.’  Sadly, the case recently broke and I have to decide whether to buy a replacement or make one. 

Dandelions may be a gardener’s nightmare, but it’s their glorious and vibrant yellow flower that brightens up my lawn.  I know it’s because of the link with making wishes from blowing the seeds free and also because they are my guinea pigs’ and rabbit’s favourite food.  They squeal if they hear the back door open and the crunch of gravel.  It’s as if they can smell through glass! 


This is Tweedy – a handsome chap!

Darwin doesn’t like to pose 😉

Anyway, in respect of the dandelion … I made another notebook; A6 in size and now overflowing with facts, drawings, doodles, pressed flowers and dried leaves – all about dandelions.  For the cover, I used a scrap of wallpaper and stitched in the pages so that it is a proper book.




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