Free motion embroidery

Today, my husband and I celebrated 25 years together!  How about that!

 A while ago, he bought me a free motion embroidery foot.  I tested this out on an ATC (artist trading card) measuring 2.5 x 3.5 cm and the ATC travelled all the way to Australia.  Meanwhile a second ATC was deliberately left somewhere to be found.  To remind you what my ATC looked like, here it is:


Hopefully you can already see an improvement in my free motion embroidery with my feather:



Silly me, I hadn’t realised my sewing machine already had a free motion embroidery foot – I’d never used it before, nor had a need to (oh, and i’ve just found an overlocker!).  I’ve been spending ages trying to work out what S1 and S2 were – which was so I could do overlocking in the first place.  But now, success.  Finally solved the problem.

So to commemorate this amazing bit of progress, I thought I’d share with you my first machine embroidered feather and hope you like it.   At least you will be able to spot my progress when I share with you more elaborate designs. But as the saying goes, you have to start somewhere!



7 thoughts on “Free motion embroidery

  1. That’s the thing with free motion embroidery: practice, practice and more practice. However, you seem to be doing pretty well so far!

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