Tree decorations Photo Challenge

Photographs to inspire you to enter my tree decorations photo challenge 🙂






Bucket Tree




Shoe tree



Resting hammock tree




Pom pom tree decorations

I’ve been doing a lot of ‘spring’ cleaning and going out and about with my camera.  I wanted to set you all a fun little photography challenge.  A while ago, when the skies opened and down came the rain, I took a series of pictures of shoes dangling from trees and mentioned on an earlier blog post that my grandfather used to take me to see a kettle tree.  Sadly, I have no photos of the tree and it has since been felled.  However, I did manage to locate the tree of buckets that I took while out on a school trip with Year 9 students. It was an amazing day out as for once, the speed boat was in operation and we were able to have a fifteen minute boat ride around the Jurassic coastline.

So, the photo challenge is set – can you find any unusual or interesting decorations on or in trees?  Have you seen and photographed birds’ feeding their young, or eggs in a nest?  Could you come up with arranging your own unique decorations on a tree in your garden?  Love to see what you come up with.  Blog about it and add a link in a comment on this page so others can enjoy your findings too.



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