Bath Yarn Bombing 10th May 2014

This week I’ve been teaching my mum how to crochet roses to decorate little knitted bags for the Christmas Shoe Box appeal.

After pulling everything out from my understairs cupboard, I not only came across a vintage sewing machine complete with embroidery connects (photo later), but a Build-A-Bear voucher which my daughter was delighted about and my stash of crochet hooks – the metal variety not the plastic kind that snap easily!


These are great for decorating bags, but also hair clip fastenings or brooches.  

On an earlier post, I mentioned a yarn bombing event where a local artist was calling for knitters and crochet enthusiasts to contribute a rose or two for a display taking place in Bath.  I created a knitted rose pattern for those crafters who preferred to knit rather than crochet:

I went into Bath today (for my daughter to spend her Build-A-Bear voucher as it’s been in the cupboard for two years!) and saw the roses out on display, which coincides with Bath Fashion Week.


the roses added a bit of colour to an otherwise wet and dreary day …


The bunting was also knitted.




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