Daily Press Photo prompt – Work of Art

I love what the weather does.  Seeing a rainbow, for instance shrouded by gunmetal grey skies or observing rainwater droplets bring life to a pond.  I also delight in the patterns petrol spillages make in puddles or on the roads – the swirls of vibrant colours, again on a stiff canvas of asphalt or concrete.  Even a close-up of bubbles in bath water can be mesmerising, no matter how small or large they are before they pop.

Another beaut is of course, the skills presented through macro photography – my son is getting quite expert at this and maybe he will allow me to share a picture or two one day.

The Daily Press weekly photo challenge for this week is:


and has led me to share the work of art of hailstones on moss.  I know that people may have experienced larger hailstones than this, but I found this so beautiful – the hard spheres snuggled among the softness of moss in our front garden that I just had to capture it on my camera.





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