1st 5 Squares (5/39 Squares)

Love the first five squares of this 39 Square project. Will be posting some of my own motifs later this week 🙂

Pretty Little Things In A Box

Hello friends and readers 😀

I’m excited to present you the first 5 squares of the 39 squares project. If you just find me and want to know what’s going on, feel free to read more here. Before I forget, I’m stitching in a vertical manner. So if you’ve followed the 8×5 grid, the first 5 will fit in downwards. If you don’t like anything I’ve proposed here, please feel free to make any adjustment to your squares. These are just my ideas and you may not need to be the same as mine. If you click on the stitching diagram, it will bring you to more information on how to stitch the various stitches. 😀

#1 Square Lazy Daisy and Hi

My #1 square is a lazy daisy flower and free hand stitching of Hi.
You can find how to do a lazy daisy as below.

I’ve just added some…

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