Wall mural

Today I felt a sense of libertion. I drew on the dining room wall! Traditionally, my family doodle on bare walls prior to wallpapering, so that one day after we move house, someone will unearth some masterpieces. Once, when my youngest child was just a toddler, I discovered two faces (child’s first portraits) – one was above where I sleep and the other was where my husband sleeps. Of course, it was a picture of me and her daddy. When I asked her who had drawn on the bedroom wall, she replied, “Nieve did it!” Nieve, being our cat. We had a very clever cat, but not skilled enough to hold a pencil!

My oldest daughter likes to draw big. Mainly A2. One day while we were out, she announced she had a surprise for us when we got home. This time, on the living room wall, the eighteen year old had painted the rear end of a giant zebra. She named him Ernie and for the whole of the summer, we had a great view of Ernie’s deriere! Unfortunately, her little sister had difficulty with optical illusions and the black and white stripes played havoc with her visual stress.

I usually work on much smaller pieces. So today I went big. Here are a few images of the pencil outlines and I will share with you the progress of this piece as and when time allows me to paint it.





4 thoughts on “Wall mural

  1. I can’t wait to see the final product! My screen is not so great so it’s hard for me to make out all the details of the drawing. I can see a bird for sure and it looks wonderful. I absolutely love nature wall murals! I’m sure I would especially love that zebra rear end your daughter painted!

    1. It probably isn’t your screen! The pencil doesn’t show up that well, but you’ll be able to see so much more when it’s painted. Thanks for the lovely comments; really appreciate you stopping by 🙂

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