Motif #3 of my 39 Squares project

I first sketched an outline of a butterfly using my vanishing ink fabric pen; I wanted this motif to slightly go outside the ‘lines’, then stitched the design using a variety of:
Chain stitch
French Knots
Satin stitch
lazy daisy stitch
Back stitch




I will post motif #4 later, so you can see what I’ve chosen for the next square! Anyone who’d like to participate – please click on the image block at the top of my blog, which links to *Wisher*s blog prettylittlethingsinabox. She’s kindly sharing a link to all the different embroidery stitches you can have a go at for the project, which is helpful if you’re new to embroidery and the motifs she’s added to her grid may inspire you further πŸ™‚


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