39 Squares Project

Another new motif in my 39 Squares project.  Number 11. This was a bit of a challenge to stitch, once I’d sketched out a typewriter less than 3cm wide.

I learned to touch type when I was fourteen.  My dad sent me to evening classes and we were presented with a giant typewriter as our tutor, which had light up keys.  The keys would light up every time we had to hammer our own typewriters on our desks, following as if playing a game of Simon.  The light sped up and we had no choice but to follow the pulses as our own typewriter letter keys were covered in coloured caps in green, yellow, blue and red.   Occasionally, our fingers would get sweaty and the caps would stick to us mid sentence or word rather than stay on the typewriters, then they ricocheted around the room! Typing as if blindfolded, there was no option but to trust the great machine in front of the classroom and try and keep pace.   I think I was the youngest attendee (a child surrounded by older females eagerly wanting to become secretaries of the future).




The next square is the letter ‘E’ which forms the end of a word fitting across the fabric …Image




6 thoughts on “39 Squares Project

    1. It was a bit challenging and there were moments when I thought about starting again! As I said in an earlier posting, there seems to be a story in each of these squares!

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