Wake up and smell the coffee – 39 squares project continued


Above pictures from my first art exhibition in the local cafe


All over a cup of coffee!

Coffee strengths and flavours are obviously very personal and vary from person to person.  Some like it black; some with milk and sugar or even cream. My dad prefers coffee served with the substitute powder, I think it’s called ‘Coffee Mate’.  I’ve decided after a week at work that the coffee machine serves revolting coffee and will have to make do with taking a flask in or my own stash of teabags.  

So, what’s the story behind this little motif, the coffee cup and bean in my 39 squares project?  


1- I gave up tea and coffee when my children were small, thinking that caffeine was the cause of my migraines.  Had I known it was the colour white and chrome and flashing lights that caused them, I would have been enjoying my brew instead of sipping boiled water for FOUR years!

2- in 2006 I was invited to join a small group of university students in a small cafe called Reg’s.  Nice view of the swans, if I remember rightly.  The cafe sadly closed down and we changed venue to a cafe further up the street which actually sold health foods.

3 – my first art exhibition took place in a local cafe (there were more than two pictures, but the photos didn’t come out too well!

second exhibition:



and I’ve painted in coffee, as has my daughter; loves painting giraffes in coffee (she takes commissions and you can see some more of her amazing art work on her page:
 There was a second exhibition which meant I could display my pictures next to my daughter’s 🙂


4- every three weeks or so, I meet with a friend I’ve known for 20 years and we head out to a cafe several miles out of town so she can have her favourite gingerbread latte.  Sometimes we’ve been known to make those drinks (usually a pot of tea too) last three hours!

5-I’ve been known to doodle the pattern on the bottom of my cup when there is just a little coffee left in the bottom

6 – my daughter and I have been to a coffee exhibition





4 thoughts on “Wake up and smell the coffee – 39 squares project continued

  1. loving the drawings.. and wow.. coffee festival sounds awesome.. and I love the cute teddy bear in the coffee.. I think they call it the coffee art right? how awesome is that??

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