curiouser and curiouser … prompts for my 39 square story project and The Story Museum

As promised, for those who read my post on the Daily Press photo prompt yesterday, here are a few more photographs of art installations at The Story Museum.  I’m not going to post lots, because you have to see it yourself to really get into these interactive galleries artists have created.  It was fun, it was curious, it was inspiring.  My mother, now in her seventies enjoyed dressing up and sitting on a throne (15 minutes of royalty fame!), just as much as my 12 year old did.  Being formally announced as you walk up the red carpet and take your seat is a memorable experience and one I won’t forget in a hurry.

Remember the telephone box I posted a while ago which had a little library? Well, this phone box tells a different story
On our way to the museum, these were bouncing and twirling around the car park. My daughter caught one, the size of a ball of cottonwool. We were trying to decide what they were when my daughter blew fiercely on the one on her hand. They weren’t dandelion seedheads. Can anyone identify what it is? Any gardening enthusiasts?
The exhibition covered three floors, but this window caught my eye on the second floor:


As I said, these are just a few pictures of our visit. I don’t want to spoil it for people wanting to visit. I recommend it as there is lots to see and interact with, including touch screens and walk throughs.

Today’s embroidery square, then, for those who have been following this little project was inspired by the red telephone box, the bat phone at work – a red phone for emergencies – and my memory of answering the phones at primary school. Everyone took ages to dial the numbers as you placed your finger in the hole in the dial and pulled it round to the stopper and then wait for it to return to its original position (no such thing as speed dials). We were taught at school how to answer the phone politely for the class teacher and took it in turns. At home, my parents were able to place a lock on the main phone to stop people (mainly my brother) from dialing long distance calls! It involved inserting a key, a bit like a padlock! Our phone was in the hall, so there was no opportunity to hold a private conversation with my boyfriend of the time; no chance of silent texting in the early hours of the morning or under the bed covers! We had to either meet in person; keep our conversations short and sweet or write longhand letters to each other! So, here is my retro phone:
Retro phone


9 thoughts on “curiouser and curiouser … prompts for my 39 square story project and The Story Museum

    1. I didn’t know about the museum until recently. When I got there, the guides were saying that it is a new museum – what a great idea! You can even sit in little booths and listen to extracts of well-loved stories 🙂

  1. I stumbled upon this beauty Sept last year and display was different … it’s fantastic isn’t it? … let me know if you would like to see my pic …. having read about it on your blog it was nice to see that displays keep changing – what a brilliant idea 🙂 staff working there must have a lot of fun…

    1. Ooh yes please! I’d love to see your pic :). I thought it was a great day out for all ages. A friend of mine went there when they had a Phoenix Comic exhibition on…the staff I met were volunteers but they all looked happy and interacted with all the visitors asking which of the installations were our favourites. Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂

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