39 Squares Project … Almost done ;)

Strawberries remind me of summer, pregnancy, romance, a river cruise where cream teas and strawberry jam were eaten, and Wimbledon.

I have six squares left to do on my sewing project. There are a few squares I’ve stitched but not shared yet, but here are a couple for today.
As a little girl I hated strawberries because of the gritty seeds, but now I particularly like them in Eton Mess which we’ve just eaten :). My family first heard of the dessert while watching an episode of Masterchef. My son was studying GCSE catering at the time and was a fan of making pineapple upside down cake! I wrote to Greg Wallace’s P.A. To see if he could send my son his autograph to inspire him to continue to cook. He received a photo-postcard with the Masterchef judge on the front and on the reverse, Greg had written to my son the message, ‘Turn your cake the right way up!’ image

The next one can’t really be counted as a square because I stitched a bird on the ‘E’ as it was the only letter of my two words without a bird on it!


5 thoughts on “39 Squares Project … Almost done ;)

    1. That’s brilliant news! I have really enjoyed doing this and think I will have to start another one once this is finished, but with a different theme πŸ™‚

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