What was your favourite childhood toy? 39 squares project continues …

Today, I decided to change the icon on my profile at the PC I was working at from a flower to a Jack. I couldn’t sleep last night and was up from 2-3am reading and answering life questions. One of the questions was ‘What was your favourite childhood toy?’ This was a tricky question as it seems such a long time ago that I was a child and to pin point my exact favourite was a challenge in itself. I can remember having a doll (most little girls do) and I distinctly recall using a felt tip pen and writing my age on the doll’s forehead, but I can’t remember why. A friend of my mother had an elder daughter who came around one day and helped me scrub the digit, number 5 off the doll using Ajax. As soon as she left, satisfied that the doll’s forehead was back to its original state, I wrote it back on there! So, why didn’t I draw and stitch a doll, you might ask? Well, there were a few games that I enjoyed more than the doll … They involved playing outside in the streets with other kids – French elastics, skipping; going to the park, to name a few. But we also used to play Jacks and as this is also the nickname my father called me, I thought it would be a pretty ideal motif to put on my 39 Squares project! However, it was quite difficult to sketch and stitch accurately, so I hope you can tell what it is!
The other square doesn’t need much explanation, but it needed to be there as it’s my Gravatar on WordPress – the square bird πŸ™‚


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