Clover leaf and number four :). 39 Squares Project and Haiku

Nearly there now!

Today I sketched out and stitched a clover leaf.
 When I was eight, I found a four leaf clover, but I’ve not seen one since!  I look among the daisies and see the little green leaves spread out like parachutes waiting to catch floating dandelion seeds.  Whether you believe clover leaves are lucky or not, they are a fascinating feature of the lawn albeit it temporary and adds a moment of excitement to a little girl’s life 🙂

I came across this saying recently and wanted to share it with you: 

Every blade of grass has its Angel bending over it and whispers, ‘Grow, grow.’ (The Talmud). How lovely is that thought?  We are all like blades of grass and I’d like to think that there is an angel watching over me 🙂

in response to the above, I wrote a Haiku …


Sweet grasses listen;

heads together in the wind

Chinese whispering.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this 39 square project and the little stories that have accompanied each stitched square.  I have one more square to do (the number 1), so will hopefully be able to share with you my finished project over the weekend.



7 thoughts on “Clover leaf and number four :). 39 Squares Project and Haiku

      1. I went for a walk today as our back garden is full of decorative gravel. If anyone saw me they would have been wondering what I was looking at, but sadly, couldn’t find you one.

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