Marbling and sketching houses

As we had glorious sunshine, I set up the marbling bath in the garden for my daughter and I to have some fun with inks.
I’ve not done any marbling for years. Literally! I wasn’t even that convinced it would work. I’d seen a demo shown on TV and found out that a thickening agent is added so that any substance put into the water doesn’t sink to the bottom. My daughter tried out a range of media including glass paints and food colouring on her pieces.
I didn’t have any special kit, so was pleased with the overall result of mine
image and then sketched some houses on the top πŸ™‚ Coloured houses remind me of the seaside, of beach huts and summer. The marbling appeared on one sheet like a setting sun to hopefully, I put this to good effect πŸ™‚
image I continued the house sketching in my journal using watercolour pencils…


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