Hats, hats and more hats!

More sketching and doodling in my notebook

This is a little hint at a larger project that I’m doing research for, which involves hats. A few of these remind me of certain family stories, such as a boater hat I wore to a barbeque many years ago at a place near a river and the men were hurled into the water for a laugh on a hot summer’s evening; the fez on the other hand reminds me of the impressions my grandfather made of the comedian, Tommy Cooper, ‘Just like that!’ and there was a white beret with a black rim, which I wore on a date. My ex-boyfriend took me on a date to a cricket event (even though my experience of cricket at the time consisted of sticking the stumps in the sand at the beach and being on the receiving end of my brother’s over arm lob! At the cricket venue, we were served steak. He gazed longingly at my plate for the entire meal hoping that I would give in and say I was full, but I was determined to eat the lot!
What else? The top hat! When I see this beauty, I think of Alice in Wonderland. On my recent trip to the Oxford Story Museum, we were handed free canisters of loose tea with images from Lewis Carrol’s tale, including the mad hatter.
The turban – I used to work in a school as a teaching assistant before becoming a teacher. I supported a year 8 class on a day when they had a visiting speaker who demonstrated how to put on a turban.
The british Bowler hat reminds me of my dad. He doesn’t own or wear one, but loves James Bond movies and will watch them every time they come back on the television even though he owns all the DVDs, VHS videos and books!
There aren’t stories to all of these hats, but I was trying to record as many different ones as I could by sketching them in my notebook. So, I’ll just mention a couple more that do have a story behind them! I own a blue graduation hat and a sombrero (I’ve been to Madrid and had such a fantastic time there and so many happy memories that I wanted to record this, although they are also associated with Mexico! And one last one… The cowboy hat. My uncle moved from the UK to live in America and my grandfather took a trip out there to visit him several times during his lifetime. I can recall a favourite photograph of my grandad sitting astride a horse wearing a cowboy hat and waving his arms about in true cowboy style.
I would have sketched a spaceman for my gran, if I were drawing characters instead of hats. While they were both in America, my uncle took them to Cape Kanaveral Space Centre and my gran sat down on a bench next to a spaceman. She jumped out of her skin when the spaceman turned and spoke to her; she thought he was made of plastic.
There are many more hats I could add to this little collection, but for now I thought I’d share these with you as hats can tell many stories 🙂


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