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Myfanwy Hart issued a prompt this morning on ‘What is the most useful skill you have learnt?’

There are many skills that someone acquires throughout life; skills relating to the different types of jobs you have done for instance or adapting to changes in circumstances.  I decided to look a the word ‘Adapt’.  There are several meanings to this: modify, change, adjust, rework, restyle, even acclimatize.  I’m sure you can find more if you look in your thesaurus 🙂

An earlier prompt by Myfanwy was ‘what can you do with an egg?’  Well, I’ve done a page in my journal for that already, but just doodling on an egg shell demonstrates the volatile job market and fragility of seeking permanent work.


The egg shell cracked in places as I drew an image of a retro typewriter across it.  I wondered if it would even withstand the full illustration and just disintegrate in my palm.


 I have learnt how to adapt. When I was 14, my father sent me to night school to learn to touch type. Since that time, I have taken on various roles and adapted to lots of different jobs and situations; some dreadful jobs and some really special ones that are worth remembering. There has been the transition from typewriter to word processor to PC to Mac and now the iPad. 
I’ve drawn the typewriter onto an egg shell to demonstrate also that as a writer, I have received rejection letters and felt the pain of people saying no, but also to celebrate the breakthrough – that moment when someone notices your potential and actually says yes. The cracks also symbolise the moments in time when technology takes over and one product replaces another. We’re currently in a ‘throw away’ nation, which saddens me. I am still fond of the retro typewriter, the traditional printing methods; the paperback book. It’s now time to write a new adaptation; to start an new chapter in my life and I’m at the start of an amazing adventure.  For the faithful followers of this blog and for those who have just joined me, I hope you will also be part of this adventure.  




8 thoughts on “illustrating retro-ness

    1. I could feel the egg cracking beneath my fingers at times. I was being extra careful because my kitten had demolished the first one I did (which I now realise I shouldn’t have left on the window sill).

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