Frog study

The first leg of my adventure started today. I went to a live auction with a mission and it paid off. I won what I went for! Lot 119 became more than just a listing in an auction catalogue. The twenty minute journey to the auction rooms was without incident and my two eldest children accompanied me to what was their first ever auction. They are both fans of the TV programme, Storage Hunters and we’ve watched bargain hunt. My parents meanwhile, watch The Antiques Roadshow.
The last time I attended an auction was at the age of 20 (younger than my daughter!) to bid for a riding hat. I remember winning that for £12. You’re probably wondering what this has to do with a frog study! Well, the purchase I made was very special. I grew up with a love of printing. I learned the printing trade and worked the presses. I studied lino printing, mono printing and intaglio as well as copper etching.
In an earlier post, I mentioned stumbling across a waterfall at Rickford Pond and took some wonderful photographs. The small road that the property where the waterfall was led onto a lane which directed me to an antique shop. I had this fascinating conversation with the owner about the illustrator, Edward Ardizzone who had illustrated the book, Stig of the
Dump (which I had studied at school). I then raised the question about printing presses and whether the antiques’ dealer had every come across one or could get hold of one for me.
Well, to cut a long story short, three days later a press came up at auction, which the man recommended I went along to and I am now the proud owner of it after bidding for it this morning.
After the auction, I visited an ex-colleague of mine who loves frogs and decorated her entire classroom with frog things – even the classroom bin! I wish I’d had a teacher like her when I was at school as her room was unique and so colourful.
I decided to do a study of a frog for my first lino cut that I’m going to test my new printing press with. So, in my sketchbook, I worked on a little frog, which I will then transfer onto lino. I hope you like him. I’ll post the results of this first print edition fresh off the press when it’s done. I’m so excited.
I also finished off the stitching of my Minion ready for a larger project – a commission for a wall hanging in a cafe :).



6 thoughts on “Frog study

  1. congratulations on winning the auction lot! I didn’t knwo about your printing past, sounds really interesting and maybe partly explains your natural flair for illustration. What a cute frog jumping out of the page! 🙂

    1. Thank you:) Yes, I learned to use printing presses in an industrial sense and at a publishing company in the early 1990s. Glad you like the frog – will show you the print when it’s done. Just unloaded the printing press out of the car 🙂

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