Big old bus

Photographing outside the auction rooms … I went with my husband to collect my printing press which I won after bidding yesterday. We managed to lift the press into the car and my daughter offered to buy us breakfast. The bistro near the auction rooms has a menu that is so different to anywhere else nearby – a croissant croque monsieur with mustard, a stack of bacon, pancakes, fruit and maple syrup, waffles. My OH ate in silence with his eyes closed!
The outside had a few benches where people were sitting and my
OH became engaged in conversation with a man dressed in uniform – I spotted a big old green bus parked outside the auction rooms. I was just wondering if it was for sale as I hadn’t stayed for all the Lots in the bidding yesterday, when I was introduced to the owner (who my O.H was talking to) who had owned it since 1974. It’s not everyday you get invited on board an antique bus for a tour, which had been lovingly restored by the man, who had taken his wife out for breakfast in it!



4 thoughts on “Big old bus

    1. :-). My hubby was so animated, like a little kid as he remembers his dad driving buses for years. They had lots to talk about. I will be posting about my printing press tomorrow, but thought this was such an unusual sighting on a Sunday!

  1. Sounds like such a brilliant day! I think I may have to move to that area, you always find such amazingly quirky things that are right up my street. I would have loved that bus, albeit having to pull my OH away from talking to the driver would have been a task! 🙂

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