Cat in tea, Bonaparte illustration

Today we had to take our kitten, Nikon to the vets for his first lot of vaccinations and an initial check up. Within seconds of entering the room, Nikon was doing the opposite of everything we said. For example, Nikon is very vocal and purs and mews simultaneously. He complains when we pick him up as he wants to play. On this occasion, the kitten was silent and looking quite angelic. Te vet picked him up and we explained that the person we got him from had told us he was one of six and the middle one, plus the smallest of the litter. We also reiterated what the cat lady had told us – that we had the choice of four males as the two females were already in new homes. Again, the kitten proved us wrong … And the cat lady. Nikon, said the vet, is actually a girl!
OK. Now my kids want her to have kittens! All of a sudden, she is happy to sleep on my lap. She slept for over an hour cuddled up and purring intermittantly between strokes. She’s never done that before. I have to say I was feeling quite smug with this ten-week-old looking almost like she was smiling at me.
While bemused, I decided to do some more drawing. My printing press is now set up in a temporary art studio space and I’ve located a roller; found some lino cutter tools and set to work on a beautiful cat called Bonaparte. Fellow blogger, Emma has kindly sent me a few photographs of her cat and I was particularly keen to have a go at making a print of him after doing a sketch in my journal. I know Emma loves tea and decided that the sketch wouldn’t be complete unless I added a bit of Chai to it!

So here goes, these are the initial sketches … Introducing Bonaparte πŸ™‚image



7 thoughts on “Cat in tea, Bonaparte illustration

  1. :-0 wow wow and wow!! Look at my little bonaparte! What an amazing drawing, looks almost identical to the photo (actually better in my biased opinion). How thrillingly awesome! and with chai tea too… just perfect! Thank you so much for capturing a uniquely calm pose of this scatterbox, hope you had fun doing it too πŸ™‚

      1. ooo yes of course, Id love that! Im really glad your enjoyed drawing him and he was a good subject. I tried telling him but he was too interested in his Whiskas (dinner not facial) πŸ™‚

      1. Ive just read your reply about the address so Im going to wait for the print to come through, although its difficult not to burst with excitement! hehe πŸ™‚

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