Summer Journal, day 15

I’ve not blogged every day with all Myfanwy’s prompts because I’ve been caught up with other things (such as playing with my printing press!).
However, today’s prompt is: ‘If you could do something that you have never done, what would it be?’ You can see the prompt here:

There have been a fair number of jobs that I’ve experienced over the years – learned the printing and publishing trade; studied a degree in my late thirties; trained and qualified to be a Secondary School teacher; managed a library to name a few. All these opportunities provided new skills which can be added to a CV for a future job. At one time I could have written that I’ve always wanted to keep a blog … I’m doing that now, so I can tick that off or write a novel (I’ve taken part three consecutive years in NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month with the goal of writing a novel over 50,000 words in just 30 days). I also wanted once to experience a ride in a hot air balloon as it seems so romantic. I was put off this when a couple of Christmases ago, a hot air balloon plummeted just down the road from our house and crashed, killing those on board. I think as you get older you begin to weigh things up and reason with yourself whether what you want to do is irresponsible; a huge risk; dangerous; an act caused by a mid-life crisis or just plain stupid!

It’s hard to answer this question without wondering if you have ever had a glimpse into doing something, a taster. For example, I have attempted to learn foreign languages: Latin, French, German, Spanish and Italian and most recently a taster in Russian. I admire people who aren’t native to an English speaking country and learn our language to a proficient level of fluency. Those people who can switch from their tongue to another almost seamlessly.

My eldest is a foreign languages student. She has the desire to bring her future offspring up bilingual. We have friends who have done this and it’s fascinating to watch how the child responds by listening to the mother speak French and the father speak English.

Languages are a very useful skill to possess, so although I can’t say it’s something I haven’t done, but would like to. It is something I would like to do fluently. How nice it would be to have a manual, read it and learn it successfully in a week! Can you imagine?

Only last week we had a visitor arrive at the company I was working for. He introduce himself and announced he was from Russia. I was delighted that i had the chance to try out the words I’d been ‘taught’ in a two hour initial lesson, but do you think that I could remember what the word for hello was? I could recall the word for rabbit and tiger; how to say ‘I loved you’ (note the past tense) and the word for goodbye. All useful vocabulary, but not on a first meeting!

Oh well, back to my ‘Russian phrases for Dummies’!


So, fellow bloggers, what would you like to do if you had the opportunity?


2 thoughts on “Summer Journal, day 15

  1. You are right – it is nice to speak other languages too … I was born in the Netherlands so I speak Dutch of course – although I’m now using the English grammar very often when speaking Dutch, without noticing it hehehe … I can save myself in German and French too … but it needs practising. I had a go at learning Italian & Spanish too since I did Latin at school and this helps to recognize words … that stopped at hallo and goodbye though … salve and arriverdeci ??? Russian sounds lovely – all those rolling sounds …

  2. I totally agree with you and your daughter on how nice being bilingual can be and I really liked reading this post, especially you outlining how your opinions on things that you would like to do change over time, I couldn’t agree more! 🙂

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