One Drawing a Day



The next few posts are going to showcase my responses to prompts found in the book, One Drawing a Day by Veronica Lawlor.  I hope you enjoy these brief posts while I’m out on a mini adventure and have minimal access to the internet 🙂

task one:

set up a still life and using a pen, draw continuously, only lifting the pen when absolutely necessary!

Here is my first efforts at this:


This was more tricky than it probably looks as there is the temptation to keep taking the pen off the paper. I resisted as much as possible, but I quite like the wonky look of the sunglasses and distorted fan in the wine glass 🙂

task two: now use the same technique and draw someone

I enjoyed this challenge, with my daughter as model.  I only took the pen off the paper twice – once because my bracelet got caught on the corner of my sketchbook and the second time to complete the left eye.  It was liberating to draw this way as there are elements you have to miss out.  She propped open a book on my foot and because of the task suggesting a continuous drawing and my daughter not wanting to sit still for very long, the open book is only half drawn!




3 thoughts on “One Drawing a Day

    1. Etch-a-sketch (now there’s a thing! They’re great fun too!). Yes, it’s a great book so far. I tried out the calligraphy pen today, but to draw with rather than scribe. Some of the tasks are difficult to do as I don’t have the materials they suggest, for instance, today’s prompt is making a pen out of bamboo! Where can I get bamboo on a Sunday?? This means I may well do prompts out of sequence. I’m enjoying the continuous line drawing ATM. 🙂

      1. making a bamboo pen sounds like a lot of fun, although I agree possibly not too easy to get hold of over the weekend. Doing them out of sync will be fun I think, plus from my point of view I’d be none the wiser as I don’t have the book. Although I may end up getting it… 🙂

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