Cone roses and calligraphy sketch

Today, with the sun gloriously shining above us, we headed out to a park with a house steeped in history. I took photographs of the deer, but haven’t had a chance to review them yet. In the meantime, I thought I’d share with you something I found with my daughter beneath the trees.

They look like roses because the grass in the park has been mowed recently and sliced the cones up. As the air has got to them, they’ve opened slightly like little petals


I sketched flowers in the walled garden where a lot of vegetables had reached maturity: pumpkins, celeriac, runner beans, brightened every height from the soil to above our heads. I selected a small sunflower to sketch using a calligraphy pen until I could no longer stand the bees buzzing around my head. Then on return to base, I sketched some of my collected cone roses 🙂

Hopefully, I will be able to share some photographs from our visit tomorrow of the deer and sights around the park. Here are my sketches for today:



2 thoughts on “Cone roses and calligraphy sketch

  1. Wow, those ‘roses’ are amazing! I’ll have to look out for them, my mum would love some! Is it just a pine cone chopped in half? And I love the detail in the sunflower, all those waving leaves!

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