Colour wheel of naturalness :-)

Hi there!   Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend 🙂  I’ve been having fun in the kitchen today as it’s been raining, plus decorating my bedroom with a kitten on the loose!


My daughter took this photo as I tried to clean Nikon’s painted paw!  My other daughter, who is twelve has this week been asking questions about the colours on the colour wheel because she wanted to do some painting.  I’ve created a different sort of colour wheel today …

I ventured outside to pull up some dandelions, gave some leaves to the guinea pigs and then added the roots to one saucepan and a few leaves to another.  I let a small amount of water boil.  I have never tried to make my own dye before, although when I was a little girl I remember collected lots of rose petals and mashing them up to try and make perfume.  There was an air of mystery surround how the dyes would turn out, but I drew inspiration from the website:

With my minimal gardening knowledge, I recognised some of the natural products and decided to stick with them first, before researching the less familiar.  I intend to get a red cabbage, a red onion and perhaps eucalyptus (based on the list of colours that you can get from both the bark and the leaves). I did try and locate some rusty nails while the rain was coming down.

I’ve filled ten segments of my circle using all natural ingredients from tumerick to walnut and dandelions to onion skins.  Here are some images taken from the day:


Boiled walnuts (the nuts) … dark brown


White onion (boiled the skins) … Orange


Yellow Rose leqves (boiled) …cream


Dandelion leaves (boiled, then simmered) … green


Dandelion roots (boiled, then simmered) … Speckled grey


Raspberries ….dark pink


Turmeric … Yellow


Blueberries … Deep purple


Coffee granules … Lighter brown than walnut

Here are the colours on my colour wheel so far … Planning to do some more and will showcase them in another post soon 🙂




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