Dino lino …everyone loves a dinosaur

The prompt for today’s summer journal project led Myfanwy over at
was to comment on ‘what is your favourite crafting technique?’
I’ve been writing this blog now for eight months (wow!) and tested out many different crafts, some of which I would prefer not to do again and some I have returned to plus I’ve been honing the skills and techniques of those crafts I do regularly. There are still others I have yet to experience. With a husband who is a qualified blacksmith, I could possibly have a go at using a metal forge and there are workshops in the city of Bath where I could sign up and have a go at glass blowing! My father is a retired carpenter of bespoke furniture, but also painted some exquisite birds (I found them tucked away in a filing cabinet in his conservatory) ; my uncle used to do sign writing by profession – great at calligraphy too; my grandmother painted in oils (portraiture) and loved quilling; and my aunt was apparently brilliant at embroidery. So there are a few more that I could sample from that list that I haven’t covered yet.
I have a ‘couple of three’ favourites (as my dad would say). I love drawing in ink (in millions of dots) and I have a passion for printing (see below for my new blog link :-)). The Gelli-plate has changed the whole concept of monoprinting as I knew it back in the late 80s. I also love doing book alteration and hand binding handcrafted notebooks.

I’ve had a conversation today at work about dinosaurs and duct tape (there is an earlier posting where I made a duct tape wallet)! From this conversation, I promised my new work colleague that I’d have a go at a dinosaur. My family love visiting the Natural History Museum in London specifically to see the dinosaurs and fossils. They are fabulous. My eldest grew up watching The Land Before Time animation series and my uncle became a geologist by profession, emigrating to the States and visiting places I can only imagine in my dreams (many feet under the ground!). We also loved the movie, Dinosaur.

My favourite dinosaurs include the stegosaurus and triceratops because of their interesting ‘shields’ or amoury, which reminds me I also had a conversation with another colleague about shield-training. She didn’t know about my dinosaur chat! Therefore I chose one to sketch out a stegosaurus on a 5″x7″ lino sheet. Now I’ve tried soft lino (the white) which has a plastic feel to it, I definitely prefer working with it compared with the terracotta lino pieces. Why? The brown ones tend to crumble more and leave more mess after cutting.

Here is the piece at design stage and initial cuts. To see the final printed piece, check out my other blog at
I think it will make a great front cover for a notebook, don’t you think?







4 thoughts on “Dino lino …everyone loves a dinosaur

  1. Love your dinosaur! Thinking about all these crafts … I remember lots from school (LONG time ago) and we had a go a clay even on the potter’s wheel which I remember as very frustrating, producing wonky vessels, but now I see your lino cut I do remember loving that! And printing runs in my family somewhere … my uncle who was a proper artist tried out lots of techniques over the years and made some wonderful prints!

    1. Thanks. Perhaps my lino cut will inspire you to have a go again and return to something you enjoyed. I also had a go at using a wheel – quite a challenge and my daughter managed to buy one, but it stayed underneath the stairs until she sold it because it was just too big to put any where!

  2. You make it look easy. I know it isn’t easy, whenever I tried the tool would slip and I would have to fudge the finished piece. I quite like using funky foam to create a print block with a blunt tip tool. Not as durable but cheap enough to start again if it doesn’t work out.

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